By now you know that the most important thing we can do to combat climate change is to take action. Here are five concrete ways that you can begin.

Share the Science

Countdown is a science-based initiative. TED Talks and presentations have been carefully fact-checked for adherence to facts and science-based targets. Some of the key documents that have informed the team’s thinking are those composing the Exponential Roadmap for Climate Action. The ER is a deep dive into what needs to be done by 2030, highlighting 36 solutions that can scale exponentially to halve greenhouse gas emissions in the next 10 years.

Exponential Roadmap (ER)
TED Countdown

Join the Race to Zero

Countdown is part of the Race to Zero, a global campaign to rally leadership and support from businesses, cities, regions, investors for a healthy, resilient future — by achieving net zero emissions by 2050 at the very latest. The race is already underway — it already involves 400+ cities/regions, nearly 1000 businesses and investors, 500+ universities — but we need to massively expand it and speed up ahead of the UN Climate Conference (COP26) of November 2021, with which Countdown is also connected. Everyone can help by mobilizing their company, community, the organizations they are part of, and their elected officials to join the Race to Zero.

Race to Zero

Get Collectively Creative with Earth Speakr

Are you listening to the future? Global artist Olafur Eliasson has created a video for Countdown to amplify kids’ creative takes on the future wellbeing of our planet. Kids everywhere are the artists — speaking up for local and global environments with Earth Speakr, a collective artwork launched mid-2020. The evolving artwork is made up of kids’ thoughts and visions, concerns and hopes, animating the world around us using playful interactive technology. As part of the project, four toolkits — for classrooms, libraries, arts and science institutions — will be available in 25 languages, designed to spark cross-generational dialogue and inspire participation. Bring the unique recorded messages into your discussions and get your TEDx community involved with Earth Speakr by downloading the app and discovering the toolkits.

Earth Speakr Countdown TED Talk

Call for Art!

In addition to Olafur’s work detailed above, Countdown will be launching open calls for art — illustrations and photography — in collaboration with Fine Acts and Climate Visuals. Stay tuned for more details on TED Countdown for how you can share this opportunity with your community.

Commit to Count Us In!

Consider joining Count Us In, a citizen action campaign that Countdown is helping to launch during the 10.10.2020 Global Countdown launch event. Count Us In is a movement to inspire one billion citizens to take simple, impactful actions which, when collectively aggregated, will directly reduce CO2 emissions and challenge governments and private sector leaders to act with vision and courage. On 10.10.2020, Countdown — in collaboration with 30 partner organizations, including the United Nations, COP26 team, and others from faith, business, youth, sport and culture — will help launch Count Us In. People from around the world will be asked to choose a number of simple practical actions on the Count Us In action platform. Every action an individual takes will be counted and fed into a global carbon reduction aggregator, to show the power of us all acting together. Let’s help create an unstoppable movement of citizens driving change towards halving emissions by 2030.

Count-Us In

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